EKO/BIO/Organic certificates

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We, ClearChox (trade name of VOF Chocoweb)
ClearChox is distributor for many brands in Benelux and DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and for some brands ships to distributors in other EU countries. Our certificate (PDF): Dutch, Deutsch (German), Englis(c)h

Beyond Good by Madécasse
Madécasse pure dark bars are produced in Madagascar under NOP USDA Organic. Bars with additional ingredients are produced at ICAM in Italy. Here is ICAM’s certificate.

BB Chocolate Grup SA is the producer of the brand Blanxart. ClearChox only represents Blanxart in the Benelux.

Georgia Ramon
Here is the certificate of Georgia Ramon GmbH & KO KG

FreshCosta Cia. Ltda is the company that produces this brand. Their certificate.

Chocolaterie A. Morin
Not all, but several bars of this brand are BIO. This is their certificate

They decided to stop BIO because it took too much time, effort and money for a small company. We understand that. Our own experience is also that it seems that rules, regulations and obligations are, within reason, only affordable for big industry.
They write now: ‘wild or all-natural farming’.

Original Beans
Their certificate in Dutch. ClearChox represents Original Beans only in the Benelux.

Taza is certfied by USDA. Per 1st of June 2012 the certifcations for USDA Organic and EU BIO are valid in both countries.
Here is the Taza certficate 1 and 2.
Note: “Once certified, a production or handling operation’s organic certification continues in effect until surrendered, suspended, or revoked.”
ClearChox only represents Taza in DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).