Definite Dark 100%

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The organically produced cocoa in this bar comes from Zorzal Cacao, an agroforestry environment and bird sanctuary covering 1,100 hectares of Dominican forest. You can taste Caribbean nature in this finely textured 100% bar with robust flavours.

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Definite creates a range of plain dark chocolate bars, designed to bring out the unique flavour notes of the different regions in the Dominican Republic. By using only cacao and sugar a chocolate is created that is as natural and pure as possible.

The organic cocoa for this bar comes from Zorzal Cacao. In their 1,019-hectare bird sanctuary in the northern mountains of the Dominican Republic, they produce fine flavoured organic cocoa. Their vision and concern for nature is expressed in the rare migratory songbird Bicknell’s thrush, which winters on Hispaniola (the island encompassing the Dominican Republic and Haiti). Zorzal is the Spanish word for thrush.

Tasting notes: red fruit, black tea

Ingredients: cocoa beans BIO

May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Nutrition values/Nährwerte/Voedingswaarde per/pro/per 100 g
Energy/Energie kcal/  kJ
Fat/Fett/vetten g
of which saturated/davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/waarvan verzadigd g
Carbonhydrates/Kohlenhydrate/koolhydraten  g
of which sugar/davon Zucker/waarvan suiker g
Proteins/Eiweiss/eiwitten g
Salt/Salz/zout 0 mg

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