Millésime Ecuador 100% BIO

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Lovely, organic 100% bar made with Arriba/Nacional cocoa beans from Finca Garyth in Ecuador. Very aromatic with notes of ripe fruit and banana.

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Terroir: Santo Domingo de las Tsachilas, Finca Garyth.
Beans: Nacional (Arriba).
Via: Silva Cacao

Nacional and CCN-51
Ecuador is one of the largest cocoa producers, after Ivory Coast and Ghana. And certainly the largest when it comes to fine flavour cocoa, the variety that is officially called Nacional a.k.a. Arriba. The golden pearl of Ecuador. It grows slowly, but everything of quality takes time.

Since around 2005, more and more cocoa farmers have been switching to CCN-51, a fifty-first cross-breed made by Mr Castro from Naranjal (the first C stands for Colección). After all, Big Chocolate wants lots of beans at the lowest price. Taste and quality do not matter; the consumer swallows everything as long as it is cheap. So the Nacional is losing ground or has lost.

In the middle of the hills of the Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas province lies the family farm Finca Garyth of Cedeño Aguilar. The company is known for its high-quality organic Arriba/Nacional cocoa. The plantation is also a pioneer in technological solutions. Everything to offer an exceptional cocoa. The company is featured in a promotional film by the government of Ecuador. We start at 9:50 minutes.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cocoa butter.

May contain traces of nuts.

Valeurs nutritionnelles / Nutritional values / Voedingswaarde / Nährwerte pour / per / pro 100 g
Valeur énergétique / Energy / Energie 228.51 Kcal / 955.17 KJ
Protéines / Proteins / Eiwitten / Eiweiß 7.12 g
Glucides / Carbohydrates / Koolhydraten / Kohlenhydrate 58 g
dont sucre / of which sugar / waarvan suiker / davon Zucker 1.8 g
Lipides / Fat / Vet / Fett 14 g
dont acides gras saturés / of which saturated fat / waarvan verzadigde vetzuren / davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 8 g
Fibres / Fibers / Vezels / Ballaststoffe 33 g
Sel / Salt / Zout / Salz 0 g

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