Millésime Ecuador white chocolate 33% BIO

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A very special chocolate. A mild white milk one, with cocoa from the highly aromatic arriba or nacional cocoa from the south of Ecuador.

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Terroir: Guayas and El Oro (south Ecuador)
Beans: Nacional (Arriba)
Via: Arawi

The Arawi brand is owned by the Escudero family from Cuenca in Ecuador. They supply organic (BIO) cocoa products and chocolate bars. Their passion is to produce healthy, natural, 100% organic food.

“We have been working in agriculture for many years and since 2010 we have dedicated ourselves to planting, tending and renovating cocoa plantations in Ecuador. Ecuador has the best fine flavour cocoa in the world, to which we want to add value so it becomes more than just a raw material for export. We need to create healthy and organic quality products that are recognised in the country and in the world, respecting nature and fair trade with our farmers.”

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, milk powder, cane sugar.

Contains milk. May contain traces of nuts.

Valeurs nutritionnelles / nutrition facts / voedingswaarden / nährwerte / næringsværdi / Valores nutricionales / Valori Nutrizionali 100g

Valeur énergétique / energy / energetische waarde / brennwert / Kalorieindhold / Valor energético / Valore energetico 539 Kcal

2255,18 KJ

Protéines / Protein / Eiwitten / Eiweiß / Protein / proteína / proteina 6,10 g
Glucides / Carbohydrate / Koolhydraten / Kohlenhydrate / Kulhydrat / carbohidratos / carboidrati 59 g
dont Sucres / Sugars / Suikers / Zucker / heraf sukkerarter / azúcares / zuccheri 59 g
Matières grasses / Fat / Lipiden / Fett / Fedt / lípidos / lipidi 32,45 g
dont Acides gras saturés / saturated fat / verzadigde vetzuren / Davon gesättigte / heraf mættet / Ácidos grasos saturados / Acidi grassi saturi 19 g
Fibres / fiber / vezels / Ballaststoffe / Fibre / Fibra / Fibra 0,2 g
Sel / Salt / Zout / Salz / salt / sal / sale 0,2 g


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