Millésime Peru Caramel Peanuts 65% BIO

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From the rainforest of the llamas come magnificent cocoa beans, from which an exceptional chocolate with complex notes and which combines with caramel and peanuts…. Whew!

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Terroir: Lamas
Beans: Criollo and Trinitario
Via: Oro Verde Cooperative

The plantations, located in the San Martin region in northern Peru, are scattered in the tropical landscape. The area is a reserve for endangered species, which are protected in the Río Abiseo National Park and the Cordillera Azul National Park. The lakes, such as Lago Lindo and Lago Azul, offer famously crystal clear water. In the Lamas rainforest, the humidity allows a perfect development of cocoa cultivation. The plantations are cultivated organically. These beans offer an exceptional chocolate with complex notes of flowers and spicy fruit.

About Oro Verde
The cooperative was founded on 7 December 1999 by fifty-six coffee farmers from the province of Lamas, San Martin region. It unites the two cultures of the (high) Andes and the deep rainforests of the Amazon. Three quarters of the farmers are indigenous Chanca Lamista, Quechua or Kichwa from Lamas, the rest are migrants. They grow mainly coffee and cocoa.
Under the motto “producing with happiness”, work has been done since 2010 to restore degraded areas. Such by planting two million indigenous trees to create favourable conditions for the flora and fauna. In this way, Oro Verde is helping to reverse climate change.
In 2020, the cooperative had 1203 members.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter , peanuts, glucose, whole milk powder, butter, salt

Contains milk and nuts.

Valeurs nutritionnelles / nutrition facts / voedingswaarden / nährwerte / næringsværdi / Valores nutricionales / Valori Nutrizionali 100g

Valeur énergétique / energy / energetische waarde / brennwert / Kalorieindhold / Valor energético / Valore energetico 529,54 Kcal

2139,03 KJ

Protéines / Protein / Eiwitten / Eiweiß / Protein / proteína / proteina 12,25 g
Glucides / Carbohydrate / Koolhydraten / Kohlenhydrate / Kulhydrat / carbohidratos / carboidrati 43,59 g
dont Sucres / Sugars / Suikers / Zucker / heraf sukkerarter / azúcares / zuccheri 33,54 g
Matières grasses / Fat / Lipiden / Fett / Fedt / lípidos / lipidi 29,34 g
dont Acides gras saturés / saturated fat / verzadigde vetzuren / Davon gesättigte / heraf mættet / Ácidos grasos saturados / Acidi grassi saturi 11,64 g
Fibres / fiber / vezels / Ballaststoffe / Fibre / Fibra / Fibra 4,68 g
Sel / Salt / Zout / Salz / salt / sal / sale 0,13 g

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