Original Beans Zoque 88% BIO

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Tropical aromas of lychee and coconut in this rainforest cocoa have energized the spirits of the local Mexican Zoque and Tzotzil tribes for thousands of years.

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Original Beans is a Dutch-based chocolate brand with a mission. She has her own sourcing team that looks for unique and original cocoa varieties. They not only protect this cocoa, but also the environment in which it grows, the tropical rainforest. The recipe is developed with the utmost precision, so that the delicious aromas of the cocoa beans are optimally expressed in their chocolate. Taste the Rare and Preserve it!

“Kakaw” from the inventors of chocolate

The deep green beaches of Selva Zoque (Zoque Forest) in southern Mexico can be considered the birthplace of chocolate. For more than 4000 years, people have grown cocoa here. The Zoque and their ancestors – the Olmecs – were similar to “our” ancient Greeks. They looked at the stars, kept a sophisticated calendar, invented the sauna and a ball game. And they created a powerful sacred drink from a forest fruit they called “kakaw”. That was the birth of chocolate. Just as the passionate Zoque and Tzotzil farmers feel supported by Original Beans, we can feel honored to revive the original cocoa tradition and assist in the sustainable management of the Zelva Zoque rainforest.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, raw cane sugar.

Flavour notes: tropical aromas of lychee and coconut.

May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Nutritional values/Voedingswaardes/Nährwerte/Valeurs nutritionelles
per/pro/pour 100 g
Energy/Energie/Valeur énergétique 587 kCal/2458 kJ
Fat/Vet/Fett/Lipides 49 g
of which saturated/waarvan verzadigd/davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/dont acides gras saturés 30 g
Carbohydrates/Koolhydraten/Kohlenhydrate/Glucides 19 g
of which sugar/waarvan suiker/of which sugar/dont sucre 11 g
Protein/Eiwit/Eiweiss/Protéine 10 g
Salt/Zout/Salz/Sel 0.02 g

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