About us

In 2009 ClearChox started as Chocoweb. A true European company. One of the first companies that focused on the sale of really good chocolate. So both when it comes to the origin and the taste experience.

Founded by Jan-Paul Fros, Norbert Mergen and Marijke Metz, it started as a webshop for the true chocolate lovers, who, at that time, lived spread out across the Dutch country side.
In those days shops of brick and mortar were not yest ready to sell the more expensive chocolates. After five years of pionering, ClearChox started in 2014 also to supply chocolates to specialty shops and fine restaurants. First in the Benelux and a year later also in Germany and Austria (and the German speaking part of Switzerland).

Far beyond fair trade

ClearChox has a wide range of chocolate brands. No chocolate that ClearChox has in its range carries a certification mark like fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance. A board member of a local Oxfam shop called ClearChox ‘far beyond fairtrade’. That is a compliment that we like to remember.
We strive for transparency in the trade chain. From farmer to retailer and the consumer. Each receives a fair income. We prefer to sell chocolate made in the country of origin. But that is unfortunately more often a wish than practice. Not least because making chocolate is a profession and you have to master the finer points.

What characterizes us

One stop shopping, excellent logistics
Short chains
Knowledge of chocolate (we know the way from bean to bar)
Perfect transparency
A bit rebellious
Unique brands
Involvement from farmer to consumer
Realistic prices
Fine chocolatiers (sometimes something is temporarily unavailable)
Visit the farmer or the cooperative (with every bar where the cocoa comes from)

Enjoy good and really honest chocolate!

With kind regards,

Your team ClearChox: Sabine Bauschke, Marijke Metz, Maartje van den Berg, Daan Koemans, Norbert Mergen

PS ClearChox has an office in Cologne (Germany) with headquarters in Arnhem (Netherlands) and our warehouse in Heteren (Netherlands).