Visiting Soklet

Jaklien Hessels and Simon van Renssen work in South India for a year and visited Harish Manoj’s coconut and cocoa plantation in April 2024. There, they were introduced to cocoa farming and the production of Soklet organic chocolate. This is their story.

EU Deforestation policy

The EU’s new deforestation regulation requires companies trading in cocoa and, among others, derived products (chocolates) to carry out extensive due diligence to ensure that these do not result from deforestation or violate local environmental and social laws. What is the state of play?

Cacao of Excellence 2023

Cacao of Excellence is about the best cocoa beans in the world and ClearChox sells very good chocolates, preferably made in the country of origin. So where the cocoa is grown. You may understand that we are proud that our chocolate makers use very best beans.

Georgia Ramon

Georgia Ramon continues!

The future of Georgia Ramon is secure – under the management of Karin Steinhoff, Nele M. Eble and Constanze and Ralf Butzmann, the chocolate company continues on its successful path.

Watch out! Milk is not always milk

Dark chocolate is basically always completely plant-based (i.e. vegan). ClearChox also has a growing number of vegan chocolate bars in its range.

Impressive video from Definite

Jens Kamin moved to the Dominican Republic and became a chocolate maker. The first real artisanal one in that country, which does produce cocoa and exports all the beans until then. Definite won awards and now there is also a very nice video