Georgia Ramon continues!

The future of Georgia Ramon is secure – under the management of Karin Steinhoff, Nele M. Eble and Constanze and Ralf Butzmann, the chocolate company continues on its successful path.

The new team looks forward, in the spirit of Phillip Butzmann, to continue Georgia Ramon’s unique tradition and quality. And develop it further. Karin and Nele are aware of their great responsibility and would like to thank the Butzmann family and Phillip’s partner Laureen from the bottom of their hearts for the trust placed in them.
The years of experience and commitment of the new team promise a great future for lovers of high-quality chocolate products. Many thanks to our loyal customers, chocolate lovers and business partners for their patience during this difficult period.

From left to right: Karin Steinhoff, Constanze and Ralf Butzmann, Laureen Wunsch and Nele Eble

So much for the press release

ClearChox has taken enough bars in stock.

In a telephone conversation, Nele told us that they expect to start real production in mid-March. This is because Georg Bernardini and Ramona Gustmann have produced until the end of November 2023 many bars to bridge the gap. So now they had to buy new beans, print new packaging, test the machines that are now in Soest, and so on.
ClearChox has compiled Georg Ramon’s top 20 bestseller list, and the first 17 of these bars will soon be the first to be produced