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Watch out! Milk is not always milk - Dark chocolate is basically always completely plant-based (i.e. vegan). ClearChox also has a growing number of vegan chocolate bars in its range. Read more
Impressive video from Definite - Jens Kamin moved to the Dominican Republic and became a chocolate maker. The first real artisanal one in that country, which does produce cocoa… Read more

Clear Short Chain

We offer very good chocolate. From every perspective, in terms of quality and the origin. The best cocoa from farmers, who are paid more than fair and from passionate chocolatiers, who transform these beans into chocolate. No obscure sources, no secrets. That’s why our name is ClearChox and Clear Chain Chocolate is our motto! Chocolate with a transparent supply chain. From the farm to you in as few steps as possible. This way it tastes much better.

Origine Chocolate

We want to know the farmers or the cooperatives. We would like to know from which plantation, from which trees the cocoa comes. And we want to know who makes the chocolate. No mass production. Because everything that is done with love and attention is pure, good, and that tastes!
These chocolates are called origin chocolates.
Our symbol is the rhombus with the blue and chocolate brown half. There are two arrows pointing in the opposite direction. Because also the way back must be pursued.


Art project by visual artist Laura Reiman