An arte project of Laura Reiman

Laura paints cocoa farmers and chocolate makers from all over the world with pure chocolate on canvas. She wants to make the faces behind the chocolate we consume visible with this collection of painted chocolate portraits. Just like human beings, the chocolate they are painted with ages, transforms, sometimes gets damaged. It makes the portraits vulnerable. But most of all the portraits show human beings from all parts of the world with their own dreams, life struggles and aspirations; all connected through chocolate.On this page the portraits of cocoa farmers and chocolate makers of brands that ClearChox represents are shown. It shows that the chocolate brands that Clearchoxwork represents are so transparent that we actually have access to pictures of the cocoa farmers they work with. They are ableto give us their names , sometimes their age, the place they live and in some cases even how many children or grandchildren they have! The collection is still growing so more portraits will be added over time.