Expected delivery dates

Our speciality is that we import beautiful chocolates from small, artisan producers from all over the world. From the countries of origin. Therein also lies a weakness: sometimes transports don’t go as planned. But yes, it is like very good wine….

Expected: 16 December 2023
The ship departed 29 September, its journey time being six weeks. Production was delayed by repeated power cuts. They are now switching to 100% solar power to operate independently of the grid. So the following shipment is (a) reliable production time and (b) made with green power.

Great! (But not really.) On 7 November, the shipping company informs us that the ship will visit a few more ports and that the container will arrive at the port of Hamburg on 9 December.

Expected date: End of 2023 at the earliest
The relocation and commissioning of the manufactory have been completed. Organic certification at the new production site poses special challenges for the Grenada Chocolate Company. Especially for small bean-to-bar producers, who work very differently from the chocolate industry, organic certification it has become a bureaucratic hurdle race. One is measured against standards that are defined for large-scale producers. In addition, Grenada is a beautiful small island with just over 100,000 inhabitants. There is no organic inspection body there. Inspectors have to be flown to Grenada every time. That costs money and takes time. We are astonished about so much perseverance for the organic certification of Grenada Chocolate. But they don’t want to make any concessions without the internationally recognised organic seal. We will keep you informed.