Naïve Peanut Butter 42%

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This 42% milk chocolate is soft and creamy and melts in your mouth, freeing aromas of sweet caramel and buttery cacao. The temptation to eat this bar all in one go is almost too strong to resist. And why would you?

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Milk chocolate with peanut butter

This peanut butter chocolate must have been created with input from the devil himself. The chocolate has undoubtedly been mixed in with devil’s horns, making it so tempting as to have been included on the list of the world’s greatest sins. During almost four days, the peanut butter was mixed by virgins. On the fifth day, Lucifer joined them to make the chocolate. The divine tears of the virgins were mixed with the inferno, and this peanut butter chocolate was born. So incredibly delicious….

Equator Collection

Chocolatier Domantas Uzpalis says: “For me, the concept of the Equator Collection is that I use ingredients coming from one ecosystem. Because the water, the earth, the minerals of that ecosystem is the life of the plants. And inherently, living things that grow together, will taste better together. Every bar from this collection is made with ingredients originating close to the equator. With vivid, intense aromas blended into a tropical chocolate. Friends, jump into the tropical adventure!”

The cocoa beans Domantas uses are from El Ceibo, Bolivia.

Ingredients: cacaobutter* (42%), sugar*, cacao*, milkpowder from grassfed cows, peanuts*, sea salt
* = organic

May contain traces of nuts and sesame.

Nutritional value per 100 g
Energy 727,5 kcal/2243 kj
Fat 41,8 g
of which saturated 22,8 g
Carbohydrates 34 g
of which sugar 28,5 g
Protein 7,5 g
Salt 0,285 g

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