Wild, organic, bean-to-bar

Lithuanian native Domantas Uzpalis started making chocolate in 2010. Be aware: his chocolate is in a different league, of exceptional quality, incomparable to anything else when it comes to flavour innovation. He named the brand Naïve to reflect that for him, it really is all about one very simple thing: making the best chocolate.

Domantas says: “For me, making chocolate is a slow, meditative process that involves a lot of planning and fine tuning, even for trial roasting of the first beans. I first carefully examine the raw materials to understand the hidden nuances and bring them to the forefront. Very often I wrestle for months before I have caught the optimal taste and aromatic properties. Only well-balanced chocolates deserve to be released.”

With every piece of chocolate, Naïve aims to gift the buyer with a part of its philosophy and the fresh Lithuanian air and land. Naïve is proud to tell its consumers not only where the cocoa beans are sourced, but also the other ingredients – such as honey, mushrooms or kefir – that help to create its unique aromas. Everything is accounted for – and everything must be perfect.