PURE Chocolate

Jamaica’s first chocolate in Europe

Pure Chocolate Company is a Jamaican artisanal chocolate brand established in January 2017 out of a desire to make great chocolate from Jamaica’s amazing homegrown cocoa. It was founded by Rennae Johnson and her husband Wouter Tjeertes.
Rennae is an experienced pastry chef, born and raised in Jamaica and she knows the land, the farmers and the community. Wouter has long experience as an executive pastry chef and chocolatier in various patisseries in the Caribbean and Europe. With Pure, they show that it is possible to make chocolate that everyone enjoys and benefits from, starting with the farmers, by paying them a premium price for their cocoa.

Pure Chocolate’s approach provides jobs for the country’s poorest people, and their agricultural projects help farmers generate more income for their cocoa. In 2022, the company received the Marcus Garvey award for Agriculture for their efforts. And local artists design the packaging!

Jamaica has been declared a ‘fine or flavour’ cocoa country by ICCO. Pure Chocolate chocolate is farm to bar, because the cocoa is from a single estate in the John Crow mountains (John Crow is the local name for the common Jamaican vulture). This is a ridge in the Blue Mountains area of eastern Jamaica. The fermentation and drying, then roasting and further processing, is all done by Pure Chocolate. And you can for sure taste that attention and quality!