The Goodness of the Archipelago

Founded in 2013 by Sabrina Mustopo together with Simon Wright, Krakakoa was one of the first chocolate makers in Indonesia. And today Krakakoa remains 100% Indonesian made – farmer to bar.

Indonesia is the third largest cocoa producer in the world. But the small cocoa farmers do not earn much. Krakakoa eliminated the middlemen and works directly with the farmers. To ensure sustainable growing methods, quality of the cocoa beans and increase production, the farmers receive training and assistance from Krakakoa where needed. The use of, and exposure to, chemical pesticides and fertilizers is reduced.

Krakakoa pays their farmers a premium price of up to 200% above the prevailing market price. This means a stable and safe future for the farming families, preventing migration to the city, bringing economic prosperity to rural areas.

And above all: an incredibly beautiful brand with excellent chocolate.