Original Beans

Taste the rare and preserve it

Philipp Kauffmann is the seventh generation in a line of forest scientists and explorers. In 2008 he gave up his job at the UN in New York to realize his dream: a company that gives the earth more than it takes.

There is a story behind every Original Bean. The Bean Team constantly travels to extraordinary places on Earth to meet remote communities in search of the most special and original beans. Cocoa variety and terroir provide the basis for unique flavours; careful artisanal harvesting and fermentation ensure those flavours are preserved and incorporated into the final product.

For every chocolate bar sold, Original Beans plants or protects one tree in the area where the cocoa comes from. In this way, special cocoa varieties and the surrounding rainforests are preserved. As a result of this ‘One Bar, One Tree’ program, more than 2,000,000 trees have already been planted or preserved.