Original Beans Couverture Arhuaco 82% BIO

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These couvertures taste after sweet spices, licorice and sesame. It is from the  historic Businchari cacao, made according to the traditions of the Arhuaco tribe, Colombia, tastes like a chocolate. A bar that preserves the natural harmony of the world.

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After centuries of being driven to the highlands by Spanish conquistadors, settlers and through the coca wars, the Arhuaco have recently returned to their ancestral lands and sacred sites on the Caribbean shores of La Lengüete (Colombia). Hidden in the shadows of the forest, the Businchari cacao has survived it all. Its name means sunrise and new beginning – and this is how the Arhuaco see the rebirth of their cocoa culture and heritage.

Ingredients: cocoa beans (natural), raw cane sugar (BIO)
Flavor Profile: Flavors of sweet spices, licorice and a little sesame

May contain traces of milk and nuts.


Nutrition value
per 100 g
Energy 574 kCal/2402 kJ
Fat 46 g
of which saturated 28 g
Carbon hydrates 31 g
of which sugar 17 g
Protein 9 g
Salt 0,03 g


Additional information

Weight 2000 g





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