Definite Chocolate

Totally Dominican

Definite Chocolate is an artisanal chocolate maker from the Dominican Republic.

Jens and Marjorie met in 2008. In 2015, they moved their family to the Dominican Republic, going back to Marjorie’s roots. There, Jens – an engineer who had always dreamt of being a chef and had become addicted to chocolate – founded Definite Chocolate. 

Definite Chocolate became the first Dominican chocolate maker to win awards at the Academy of Chocolate in 2018. As the company grew, in 2019 it moved from the family kitchen into a proper workshop, including a tempering machine – until then, Jens tempered all the chocolate by hand! Now, Jens and a few employees make the chocolate, and Marjorie does everything else.

Definite’s fine chocolates are completely Dominican and pure, with no additives. The design of the elegant packaging is derived from the decorations of the colonial houses that can still be admired on the island.