Cult artisanal chocolate from Barcelona

In 1954, Francesc Agrás, a Master Chocolatier from Barcelona decided to go on a grand tour of the best patissiers and chocolatiers. He completely immersed himself in the world and culture he loved most: chocolate. His passion and quest for the secret of excellent artisanal confectionery led to the founding of one of the most renowned Catalan (and Spanish) chocolate factories: Bombons Blanxart.

Agrás started with four friends in a small workshop in the Les Corts neighbourhood in Barcelona. Thanks to their own roasting and milling process, they managed to transform the best cocoa beans from Ghana, the Congo and Ecuador into the best chocolate in Spain. Today, production at Blanxart is overseen by fourth generation Master Chocolatier Xavier Cordomi.

Blanxart produces a variety of chocolates with different taste profiles, nuances and flavours, based on the use of cocoa from often remote plantations situated in the best geographical areas. Many, but not all, of their chocolates are organic, but all are top quality, very tasty, and offer excellent value at a relatively modest price point.

The Blanxart logo is cherished, also dating back to 1954 and based on a church statue for craftsmen which can be found in the Museu d’Història de Catalunya. Until this day, the people at Blanxart identify with the meaning of the logo. The company stays true to its origins. In the new factory, in Sant Joan Despí they concinue to roast and chonch their single origin cacao beans the old fashioned way, to be able to enjoy the full intensity in aroma, taste and texture.