Millésime Chocolat

Gastronomic bean-to-bar chocolate rooted in Belgian tradition

Jean-Christophe Hubert started Millésime Chocolat in 2017. He is an Belgian art historian with fine tastebuds and a passion for chocolate, making his embarkation on the bean-to-bar adventure a logical step.

After taking basic courses in chocolate making and confectionery, he continued studying the world of chocolate at CIRAD in Montpellier and at the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute in New York.

Just like in good wine, Millésime works exclusively with organic cocoa beans from exceptional plantations and terroirs, without mixing crops or harvest years. This explains why they produce only limited quantities of each product. The year of the harvest – Millésime, in French – is written on the bar.

Millésime fully controls the processing of the raw cocoa beans, from roasting to the making of the bars. They use classic knowledge and authentic manufacturing skills, developed in the famous Belgian chocolate industry over the centuries. Their products include ‘grand cru’ natural bars, but also gastronomic varieties. Millésime Chocolat is counted amongst the best Belgian chocolatiers.