Ocelot Chocolate was founded 2013 by the couple Matt and Ish Broadbent. The small artisan company combines ethical business practices with unique branding – from the compostable inner foil of the chocolate packaging to the outer packaging with artwork designed by Ish in particular. Ocelot is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Only the highest quality organic and Fairtrade products are used in this micro- chocolate factory. Matt and Ish both love good food and once aspired to become chefs. Indeed, they did so together for several years and in that role they also worked with chocolate. Inspired by the beautiful flavours, they started Ocelot from the spare room of their flat. To all ingredients, the couple set high standards. “You can’t compare our bars to ‘just’ chocolate,” says Matt.

They only use cocoa mass from Original Beans and that is the Virunga from Congo. Because Original Beans has only pure origin chocolates in its range and at Ocelot the focus is on combining chocolate with other flavours, Original Beans and Ocelot entered into a partnership. And because ClearChox – excluding Germany – distributes Original Beans, ClearChox now also offers Ocelot.