Georgia Ramon

Revolutionary, experimental and innovative

Georgia Ramon is quality chocolate made in Germany. The brand name is a take on the names of Georg Bernardini and his partner Ramona Gustmann, who founded the company in 2015.

Georg Bernardini is seen as the German chocolate connoisseur. His book Der Schokoladentester was published in 2013 and its successor Chocolate – The Reference Standard in 2014/2015. After that, he was itching to make chocolate himself, and founded Georgia Ramon.

Pastry chef Phillip Butzmann took over Georgia Ramon in 2020. He knew the company well from previously working there, and proved to be the ideal successor. Georg Bernardini remains involved as a creative consultant.

Georgia Ramon is known for its beautiful single origin chocolates, but also for its daring flavour experiments such as chocolate with kale and mustard, horse milk or the irresistible rose-raspberry.