Georgia Ramon

Revolutionary, experimental and innovative

Georgia Ramon is a German bean-to-bar chocolate maker that is known for not shying away from experimenting with beautiful and rare origin chocolates. The chocolate with kale & mustard, the vegan chocolate with beetroot & coconut or the irresistible raspberry & rose with fine rose oil are legendary.

Georgia Ramon shows what is possible with chocolate and what is special.
Karin Steinhoff and Nele Eble run since the beginning 0f 2024 Georgia Ramon. They are both certified chocolate sommeliers and have been successfully into businesses for years in which they dedicate themselves to their passion for chocolate. They know what makes quality, how it should taste and how they can give it a kick. The new team’s many years of experience and commitment promise a bright future for lovers of high-quality chocolate products.

The concept at Georgia Ramon will not change, not even the fact that every year three flavours disappear and three new ones are added. But that won’t happen until 2025. As a result of the takeover period, a basic range of around 20 bars will be retained at the beginning.

Georgia Ramon has been made since 2015. The brand name is a play on the first names of the founders Georg Bernardini and Ramona Gustmann. At the end of 2020, chocolatier Phillip Butzmann took over the business. He was the ideal successor. He was highly committed and full of life, ideas and drive when he died in a tragic accident at the end of 2023. His parents found professional and innovative successors in Karin and Nele. Under Phillip, the company was due to move to Soest (Germany) at the beginning of 2024, which has now happened.