Grenada Chocolate Company

It takes a village to make a bar of chocolate

The Grenada Chocolate Company was founded in 1999 by Mott Green (born David Friedman), Doug Browne and Edmond Brown. Their vision: a cooperative uniting organic cocoa farmers and chocolate makers, giving the farmers a fair reward for their hard work.

The production of 100% of the first tree-to-bar chocolate benefit the local economy in the village of Hermitage, St. Patrick’s. Mott Green said, “It takes a whole village to make a bar of our chocolate.”

Fast forward, and the cooperative now manages over 200 hectares of organic cocoa plantations. The farmers are members of the cooperative and receive 65% more than the market price. The cooperative is also involved in planting, growing and harvesting the cocoa. Sadly, two of the three original founders have since passed away.

Grenada Chocolate Company now makes high quality organic dark chocolate, using the aromatic Trinitario cocoa beans which grow right outside their doors. The factory is nestled in lush cocoa forests set within Grenada’s pristine rainforest. It runs entirely on solar energy.

Chocolate is produced in small batches, right where the cocoa grows, ensuring the use of fresh beans. The cooperative carries out its own fermentation, which is a great advantage in creating the finest, most complex phenolic profile from the beans. The cocoa butter is pressed from the beans using machinery designed by Mott and Doug and giving the chocolate an extra rich flavour. The packaging of the bars is made from recycled paper and printed with plant-based ink.