Original Beans Couverture Dominican Republic Yuna Edel Weiss 37% BIO

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Couvertures, discs, drops – to cook with. Sweet impressions of banana milk and cocoa butter slowly paint a golden portrait of life in the Yuna River Valley. This special white chocolate is free from additives and contains no lecithin or vanilla.

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Original Beans is a chocolate brand based in the Netherlands with a mission. She has her own sourcing team which searches for unique and original types of cacao. They don’t only protect this cocoa, but also the environment in which it grows, the tropical rainforest. The recipe is developed with extreme precision, so that the delicious aromas of the cocoa beans are optimally expressed in their chocolate. Taste the Rare and Preserve it!


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Ingredients: cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, milk
Flavour profile: Rich notes of banana, milk and natural cocoa butter

Contains milk, may contain traces of nuts.


Voedingswaarde/Nutrition value
per 100 g
Energie/energy 612 kCal/2561 kJ
Vet/Fat 44 g
waarvan verzadigde/of which saturated 27 g
Koolhydraten/carbon hydrates 46 g
waarvan suiker/of which sugars 46 g
Eiwit/proteins 7 g
Zout/salt 0,24 g


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