Kuná 2,5 kg 100% Drops Rio Verde Esmeraldas BIO

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Organic couverture drops, 100% cocoa of the finest variety, the Nacional from the Rio Verde region in the Esmeraldas province, Ecuador. A pure splendor. Allergen free.

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Cocoa drops from the most refined cocoa varieties, the Nacional (Arriba) from Ecuador, with a particularly rich aroma. With 100% you can actually go in any direction, if you consider that the remaining part of the percentage is usually sugar. So from 100% you can make a 90%, 80%, 60% or whatever by adding sugar. In that way, these drops are also economically beneficial.

Made with Nacional cocoa beans that are the result of efforts and union of farmers in the Province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. In Esmeraldas, cocoa grows on small fields in a sustainable manner thus preserving nature, culture and better living conditions for their families are reached.

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter.

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