Kuná 3 kg Chocolate Discs 82% Rio Verde Esmeraldas BIO

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Organic couverture drops, 82% cocoa of the finest variety, the Nacional from the Rio Verde region in the Esmeraldas province, Ecuador.

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Out of nowhere, Kuná won first prize at “El Salon del Cacao y chocolate Ecuatoriano” in Guayaquil (Ecuador) in 2012.

Cocoa drops of the finest cocoa varieties, the Nacional (Arriba) from Ecuador, with a rich aroma. Refined with Panela (unrefined raw cane sugar). Completely ORGANIC and free from allergens.

Much more than fair trade

Kuná is a brand of the Ecuadorian company FreshCosta, which – by our standards – runs a remarkable social policy. What we call fair trade is quite normal in Ecuador. At Kuná it means social responsibility – firmly established in the entire concept. Producer well-being, job creation and the cultivation of high-quality cocoa are essential components. 

A balanced 82%

As with the “Asociación Wiñak”, there is also a cooperation with the “Unión de Asociaciones Artesanales Eloy Alfaro de Esmeraldas” in central northern Ecuador due to the same charitable ideals. An interesting detail is that mainly people of African origin live there. Supposedly this is due to the sinking of a slave ship off the coast. The cocoa from this region is very balanced with a fat content of 7%. Precisely because of the balanced taste profile, there are many very good chocolates with a higher cocoa content. Not bitter, but pure with a perfect taste.

Eloy Alfaro won the “Aromas del Ecuador” award in 2013 with their cacao mass (the precursor of chocolate – also known as cacao liquor).

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