Mesjokke Natural Blonde – Small Bar

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Once you go blonde….The chocolate is lightly sweetened with organic arenga palm sugar, which gives the bar a honey brown colour. The best cocoa butter and fennel seeds give it rich aromas of caramel and notes of anise. Crazy delicious creamy without milk … smack smack.

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Once you go blonde….

Cocoa butter: 40% organic deodorized and natural cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic.

Sugar: organic Arenga palm sugar from the Minahasa Region, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Motto: Once you go blonde ….

Spices: Foeniculum vulgare (fennel) seeds.

Flavour notes: deep, slightly sweet, hints of anise.

Call: blink blink smack smack smack.

Music for Natural Blonde: One Way or Another by Blondie

Blonde with depth

This chocolate is a blonde with depth. After one bite you never want another white chocolate. She’s not white, she’s more blond, the chocolate from the Mesjokke boys. The chocolate gets its coloring from the unique honey-brown palm sugar, which also has an unmistakable caramel aroma. The palm sugar from the Arenga sugar palm, which comes from the Masarang Foundation in Tomohon on North Sulawesi, is a natural all-round talent that ensures a good income for more than 6000 farmers in the cooperative. The sugar palm is very frugal, productive, ecologically and economically valuable and its sugar is very healthy because the natural vitamins and amino acids are retained during the production process. The yield of six sugar palms secures the living expenses of an entire family in the remote region. The farmers share 100% of the profits through the cooperative, which gives them the financial means to send their children to secondary schools. Since they are also more independent, the rainforests that were cut down for monocultures and a corrupt system are spared. In this way, the sugar palm also contributes to sustainable nature conservation. Up to sixty products can also be obtained from it.

Ingredients: cocoa butter (40%), milk powder, palm sugar from Indonesia, glucose, fennel seeds, soy lecithin (<0.4%).

Contains milk and soy. May contain traces of nuts.

Nährwerte/Voedingswaarde/Nutritional values/Valeurs nutritionelles
pro/per/pour 100 g
Energie/Energy/Valeur énergétique 614 kcal / 2550 kJ
Fett/Vet/Fat/Lipides 47 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/waarvan verzadigde/of which saturated/dont acides gras saturés 30 g
Kohlenhydrate/Koolhydraten/Carbohydrates/Glucides 40 g
davon Zucker/waarvan suiker/of which sugar/dont sucre 40 g
Eiweiss/Eiwitten/Proteins/Protéines 7.3 g
Salz/Zout/Salt/Sel 0.2 g

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