Mesjokke Stardust Milk Chocolate

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Milk chocolate from space. Fantastically intense aromas of nuts, caramel and cream, with fruity notes of the Trinitario from Madagascar. This is a milk chocolate to love…hmmmm.

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Milk chocolate from space

Cocoa: Trinitario, Åkesson’s, Sambirano Valley, Madagascar.

Sugar: ORGANIC Muskovade (raw cane sugar) from Mauritius.

Cocoa butter: ORGANIC, deodorized cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic.

Motto: milk chocolate from space.

Roast: moderate double roast.

Flavour notes: fruity, caramel, hints of salt.

Call: pfuuuhzischhhhbeep beep.

Mesjokke Music: David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust


The cocoa for this Stardust comes from Africa, where the world’s largest cocoa production is located, but not from the cocoa region (West Africa), but about 6000 kilometers southeast of it. The beans come from the fourth largest island in the world: Madagascar. In 1970, a former Swedish diplomat named Åkesson moved here. He took over an existing plantation and enlarged it with further plantings. This cocoa is very famous in the so-called bean-to-bar world and is often used for pure chocolates. Therefore, we saw a great challenge in producing a dark milk variant. A whole milk chocolate, yes, but one in which the taste is expressed in all its complexity (sweet, sour, bitter, salty, but also fruity, caramel). To be precise: the beans come from the Ambolikapiky plantation, which is part of the 2000 ha Åkesson land in Madagascar. It is located in the Sambirano Valley in the northwest of the island. Employee Christian makes sure that the beans are fermented for six days. After two, four and five days, the beans are turned to aerate everything that allows the fermentation process to proceed properly. Marguerite ensures a perfect and gentle drying process and needs five days to two weeks for this; entirely dependent on the weather. Both love the local Saleg(y) music and often listen to it while working. Bertil Åkesson, the owner of the plantation, also likes Saleg music. On the other hand, he has a wide range of musical tastes, from classical music to rock ‘n’ roll. Not a day goes by without music. As soon as the first thing in the morning is done, it sounds. By the way: these beans have received the BIO label.

Ingredients: cocoa mass (45%), Muscovade (raw cane sugar) from Mauritius, Fleur de Sel (salt) from La Guérande, milk powder, vanilla, cocoa butter and soy lecithin (<0.4%).

Contains milk and soy. May contain traces of nuts.

Nährwerte/Voedingswaarde/Nutritional values/Valeurs nutritionelles
pro/per/pour 100 g
Energie/Energy/Valeur énergétique 547 kcal / 2129 kJ
Fett/Vet/Fat/Lipides 40 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/waarvan verzadigde/of which saturated/dont acides gras saturés 21 g
Kohlenhydrate/Koolhydraten/Carbohydrates/Glucides 36 g
davon Zucker/waarvan suiker/of which sugar/dont sucre 35 g
Eiweiss/Eiwitten/Proteins/Protéines 10 g
Salz/Zout/Salt/Sel 0.4 g

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