Original Beans Cru Udzungwa Nibs 100% in bag BIO

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All cocoa flavour. The star of any snack or dish, these nibs are a delicious addition to smoothies, muesli, cookies or just for nibbling. The taste of orange and toffee tickles the senses.

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Original Beans is a Dutch-based chocolate brand with a mission. She has her own sourcing team that looks for unique and original cocoa varieties. They not only protect this cocoa, but also the environment in which it grows, the tropical rainforest. The recipe is developed with the utmost precision, so that the delicious aromas of the cocoa beans are optimally expressed in their chocolate. Taste the Rare and Preserve it!

Nibs are the crowning glory of many dishes or snacks. But then they have to be tasty, like these Cru Udzungwa nibs. They are the finishing touches in smoothies, muesli, cookies and more. Warm whispers of orange and toffee echo as the Ultra Rare Cru Udzungwa weaves its way through your senses, echoing the elephants’ playful meandering journey from the forest to the savannah.

The Udzungwa National Park is a great natural wonderland. Elephants roam around in the forest and the farming families have been growing their very special cocoa for generations. It only goes wrong when the elephants trample the fields and devour the harvest. What can farmers do about this? An elephant is not easy to stop. There is a practical solution: elephants turn out to be terrified of bees. They quickly learn that when they disturb a beehive or hive and are covered in stings. So placing beehives in a tide as a fence keeps the elephant away. Simple and particularly nature-friendly. Now the Udzungwa farmers are safe behind their honey-producing “fence”.

Ingredients: broken cocoa beans (nibs).

Flavour notes: warm glow of oranges and toffee.

May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Nutritional values/Voedingswaardes/Nährwerte/Valeurs nutritionelles
per/pro/pour 100 g
Energy/Energie/Valeur énergétique 610 kCal/552 kJ
Fat/Vet/Fett/Lipides 55 g
of which saturated/waarvan verzadigd/davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/dont acides gras saturés 34 g
Carbohydrates/Koolhydraten/Kohlenhydrate/Glucides 26 g
of which sugar/waarvan suiker/of which sugar/dont sucre 0 g
Protein/Eiwit/Eiweiss/Protéine 11 g
Salt/Zout/Salz/Sel 0.03 g

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